Parilla Levriere – Why it’s 2 of them in my garage

Why is there 2 Parilla Levriere 125 cm³ from 1953 in my garage? Well the first one belongs to my son Vilgot who got it from my uncle as a baptising gift. As there are some parts missing I’ve been scanning the internet for ads. By mere accident and a great deal of luck I found an ad with a Parilla Levriere with a Parilla engine. In Sweden Husqvarna bought the chassi from Parilla an mounted a 118 cm³ Husqvarna engine in it. This is the most common setup I belive in Sweden so to find another Levriere with a Parilla engine has to be pure luck. The ad said it probably was from 1956 wich means it should have an 150 cm³ engine but as long as it was a Parilla I was happy. I made a bid on it and heard nothing from the seller for a week. Not even a ”Thanks, I’ve got your bid”. So I was suprised when he called to say he accepts my offer. Next weekend I went to bring it home and on site I noticed it was a 125 cm³ engine. It was certainly worth the trip of 500 km.

So, in what condition are they? Not to bad, the engines are turning but both of them are disassembled and the carburators are missing. The front fork is not complete and the speedometer is missing on one of them. Apart from that I hope to fulfil my goal to clear the Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection Company’s inspection and make Vilgot’s Levriere street legal on the 11:th of August 2015. That would celebrate 60 years since it was brought into traffic for the first time. The most important task is to get all the papers and approvals. Then the fun begins.

2 responses to “Parilla Levriere – Why it’s 2 of them in my garage

  1. Hi, this sounds a bit like a project i have started my self. I have inherited a 150 cc Levriere from a close family friend. My only challenge is that that the Scooter was taken apart just before he died so it is in bits and pieces.
    Do you by any chance know where to find a user manual or instruction book for the Levriere, I have been looking high and low with no result.
    Cheers Andreas

  2. Hi Im in South Africa and have a complete Levriere scooter missing the whole motor, does anyone know where I can purchase one?